Friday, June 22, 2007

Mike Gravel's Metaphors

I didn't get the first one with the rock:

But when I saw the second one, then they both made sense.

Here's an interview where he talks about the videos as metaphors. I like where he talks about the power of an ordinary citizen to create ripples, or start a fire. I believe in that. That's in some ways what the film is about. How people either believe they have that power or they don't.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Video & News roundup

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg left the Republican party today and became an independent. Ho hum.

Hillary announced her campaign song in a funny video where she offers Bill carrots. Some people think their are more appropriate songs for her. Hi ho.

John Edwards sneezes and shakes hands. Hi dee hi dee hi dee ho.
I'm sure you've seen the hair video, but just in case you missed it...

President Bush gets shit on by a bird - you could say it was a timely moment - but he's had so many timely moments, a bird could have shit on him at almost any point in the last few years and it would have seemed ironic. Hi dee ho.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Evolution Light

US Senator & Republican Presidential hopeful Sam Brownback raised his hand at the debate to say that he didn't believe in Evolution. Turns out he believes in parts of Evolution. He clarified his position in a New York Times Editorial that I have to admit I had a hard time following. He says that science and faith do not contradict each other - but the truth is that sometimes they do. If you believe that the Grand Canyon is 3000 years old - that's a direct contradiction to scientific findings. It's one thing to say, "Let's agree to disagree." It's another thing to pretend that we agree when we don't.

Here is an excerpt where he seems to be making an argument that I've heard before, basically - I believe in Evolution - but God could have created the process of evolution.

"Ultimately, on the question of the origins of the universe, I am happy to let the facts speak for themselves. There are aspects of evolutionary biology that reveal a great deal about the nature of the world, like the small changes that take place within a species. Yet I believe, as do many biologists and people of faith, that the process of creation — and indeed life today — is sustained by the hand of God in a manner known fully only to him. It does not strike me as anti-science or anti-reason to question the philosophical presuppositions behind theories offered by scientists who, in excluding the possibility of design or purpose, venture far beyond their realm of empirical science."

I don't have a problem with this argument. What I'm uncomfortable with is that after plowing through 11 paragraphs of Brownback's hedging - I still basically have no idea what he actually believes about the science of evolution. The closest he comes to being specific about what he thinks is this sentence:

"If belief in evolution means simply assenting to microevolution, small changes over time within a species, I am happy to say, as I have in the past, that I believe it to be true."

Many scientists replied to this statement saying that one cannot pick and choose what to believe from scientific evidence. The point of science is that the evidence demonstrates what can be believed and what theories the evidence does not support. Here is an excerpt from one of the letters:

"As a person of science who does not believe that sound reason must be “purified,” I find his pick-and-choose approach to science very worrisome, as he might one day be responsible for making the most important decisions for this country.

We can only hope that he chooses to believe the facts when it comes to decisions about our health, national security, economic policy and education."

Here is an interesting and detailed blog on this exact topic.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Letter to the Wall Street Journal

To the Wall Street Journal -

I am disheartened to hear that you are seriously considering Rupert Murdoch's offer to buy the Wall Street Journal. I'm sure the money he's offering is tempting. But do not kid yourself that you are doing anything except selling out. You can put editorial guidelines in place, but he has a demonstrated history of distorting the facts to suit his own agenda, and if you sell your newspaper to him you are giving him the most legitimate platform to date to pursue his own political and business interests.

Many news organizations have abdicated their responsibility to the public in the last 20 years. Are you ready to join them? Is our connection and responsibility to each other worth more than a dollar amount? That is a question we must all look at when making important decisions, keeping in mind that each decision toward or away from integrity serves as an example or excuse to others as well.


lulu Fries'dat

Documentary Filmmaker

"Holler Back - [not] Voting in an American Town"


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Presidential Premie Primary Fever

CNN Democrat debate online here.

Republicans debate on CNN tonight.

Very funny round up of the best video footage of the race so far, from a cool site -

Is it true that Hillary is working with a psychic who's channeling Eleanor Roosevelt and Ghandi for her? Those are great picks for channeling if you ask me. (3rd video down on the page)

Ron Paul on The Daily Show here.

Ron Paul surrounded by grunge hipsters for freedom.

This race is going to be a blast.