Friday, November 28, 2008 Cool website for factchecking.

They've got an article up now researching Hillary Clinton's foreign affairs experience that is relevant to her upcoming Secretary of State nomination.

Dick Morris' comments about her are particularly offensive,
"Clinton critics like Dick Morris, a onetime political adviser to President Bill Clinton, ridiculed her foreign agenda as little more than ceremonial fluff.

'During her international travels, there was no serious diplomacy, just a virtually endless round of meetings with women, visiting arts-and-crafts centers, watching native industries and photo opportunities for the local media,' Morris wrote recently."

As though "meetings with women" are inherently trivial. Grr.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fashion Slide Show - Michelle Obama

I like how she is always smiling, and radiates such warmth and energy.

And here's an article on the dress she wore on election night.


Universal Voter Registration

New York Times is reporting growing support for a federal system that would automatically register all eligible voters. This is way past due. We don't have a Department of Voter Registration in the federal government because states have authority over election issues. But we really need federal oversight, or help at least. My understanding is that most of Western Europe uses this kind of system. I spoke with a woman from the BBC who said that in England when you turn 18, you get a notice in the mail, saying your voter registration is ready, and you just have to go down and sign it. The system proposed in this article sounds even simpler, you would be registered automatically. One question I have is - what are the opportunities to register for people who for some reason get accidentally left out?

"There is also increasing support for broadly expanding voter registration rolls, possibly by having the federal government require the states to make registration automatic for all eligible voters. Supporters say universal registration could reduce registration fraud and the confusion at the polls that results when voters are purged from the rolls.

Such a plan would be costly and technologically difficult, and it could run into resistance from Republicans who have been wary of expanding registration, citing concerns about ineligible voters being added to the rolls. Some state officials say they would prefer to set registration standards themselves.

But independent experts say easier registration and voting methods would ensure that huge crowds like those on Tuesday turn out without being discouraged by the long delays experienced in many states."


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Triumph's Advice to Voters

Here’s the cool video that Triumph made for the “Holler Back” benefit.

The music is from Corb Lund - who is in the soundtrack of the film. The track is called Expectation and the Blues. It's an awesome song.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Video the Vote Instructions


Or watch it on youtube.