Thursday, October 2, 2008

4 Swing States

Courtesy of JustOneMinute

"Karl Rove sees four battleground states for the Presidential race - Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, and Ohio."

An excerpt from Karl's Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal
"Other states will see serious competition, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, Missouri and Wisconsin. But Colorado, Virginia, Michigan and Ohio are likely to be the center of the action. To win, Mr. Obama needs to pick up 18 electoral votes more than John Kerry received, meaning Mr. Obama must carry Colorado or Virginia and add another small state to his column. If Mr. McCain carries Michigan as well as Ohio, it would make Mr. Obama's Electoral College math very difficult. And if Mr. McCain can limit GOP losses to one or two small states from those won by the GOP in 2004, he'll be America's 44th president."

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